This Portal is intended for:

1.    the application for an online gaming license pursuant to the National Ordinance on Offshore Games of Hazard (Landsverordening buitengaatse hazardspelen, P.B. 1993, no. 63) (NOOGH) by operators that wish to acquire an online gaming license directly from the Curaçao Gaming Control Board (GCB), and

2.    the registration of operators, in practice called sub licensees, that are currently offering online gaming in Curaçao on the basis of a contractual agreement with an existing license holder and that wish to acquire a Curacao online gaming license under current or future Curaçao law.

Any legal entity that has been incorporated under the laws of Curaçao, has its registered office in Curaçao who wishes to register itself as a sub licensee or to apply for an online gaming license under the existing law (NOOGH).

No. The registration is completely free of charge.

No. Registrations as such will not be handled as an application or request for any kind of privilege, license or authorization.

Only operators legally established in Curacao and operating under an existing license issued on the basis of the NOOGH are allowed to register themselves through this Portal and to update their account where required.

Yes. The GCB may, in its sole discretion, terminate the account or deny access to all or any part of the Portal, without prior notice if a user or any of its affiliates, officers, directors, employees or agents engages in any conduct or activities that the GCB in its sole discretion believes violate any of these terms of use or local or foreign law, or is otherwise inappropriate for continued access.

The terms of use regarding this Portal can be found here, terms.

The portal shall open for registrations on November 1, 2023.

As of November 15, 2023, the GCB shall be accepting and processing online gaming license applications.  Online gaming licenses shall be based on the current law (NOOGH) and shall be granted directly by the GCB.

Yes. All registrants and applicants must have an account on this portal. The account is unique to every operator and cannot be shared with other applications or registrations.

Applicants must be an entity incorporated under the laws of Curaçao and have their registered office in Curaçao. They may already be offering online gaming on the basis of a contractual agreement with the holder of a license issued on the basis of the NOOGH, or new entities seeking to obtain an online gaming license.

The applicant for the license must be a legal entity that has been incorporated under the laws of Curaçao and has its registered office in Curaçao.

Only applicants that do the following critical activities are eligible for a license:
•    Player management: registration and verification of players, and
•    Funds management: engaging in financial transactions, manage players' funds (deposit and withdrawals), and create bonuses or other incentives.

The applicant should fill out and submit an Online Gaming License Application Form, a Business and Corporate Disclosure Form and a Personal History Disclosure Form. The forms can be downloaded from this portal.

Conditions will be attached to the license that apply to all holders of a license. These can be found here. Specific conditions that apply to individual license holders due to specific circumstances may be attached to the license.

The terms of use regarding this Portal can be found here.

Within the handling of the license application, the GCB will focus on:

1.    the integrity of the applicant, its ultimate beneficial owners , its holders of a qualifying interest , its statutory directors, its managing directors and its compliance officers;

2.    the financial integrity of the applicants organization;

3.    delivery channels and their accessibility from the players’ standpoint.