Submission Forms

Submission Forms

    In order to apply for an online gaming license you need to download and complete three forms:

    Make sure you have the latest version of the forms. The current version is V011123.

    The last form must be completed for every individual who:

    • Is an ultimate beneficiary owner with more than 10% shareholding directly or indirectly
    • Director or Managing Director of the applicant company
    • Trustee of the applicant company
    • Lender of the applicant company
    • Key person such as Chief Executive or Compliance Officer

    The forms must be filled digitally. Handwritten form shall not be accepted. Some Forms require a signature. This must be done using a digital signature. It is recommended to use Acrobat Reader which is free, or Acrobat Pro to fill the forms since it allows for digital signatures. There are also some validation rules that work best with Acrobat. Do not use a web-browser to fill the forms.

    Save the completed forms on your computer first and then upload them on the portal. Do not change the name of the forms.

    Some forms require further documents to be submitted. Applications shall not be processed until all information has been submitted complete and correct.